How it works

You can choose to use Flutster plugin alone or with the API. Using the API allows you to store your test records and retrieve them from a centralized location.
Here are the steps to use the Flutster plugin with the API:
  1. Create a Flutster account to get the API key.
  2. Integrate the flutster plugin to your Flutter app.
  3. Add your API key to the plugin call.
  4. Record the UI test from your app on your Android device using scrcpy and an Android emulator and your computer keyboard/mouse.
  5. Replay the Flutter integration testing record with a call to the plugin specifying the API key and the test name.
  6. See the detailed results on Flutster with the screenshots comparison.
More information


Feature Free Pro
Number of test records 1 200
Number of test runs/24h 100 10,000
Number of steps per test 100 10,000
Test records history No Yes
Test runs history No Yes
Monthly price in USD 0 3

If your needs exceed the above maximum, please contact us.
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